As an extension of the previous experiment, this one utilizes a particle system to create the motion vectors to join the lines together, at each intersection, a glowing ellipse reacts to music, changing it's size to frequency response.

Processing Experiment. Created a dynamic particle system that randomly links a vector to another random vector within a certain distance. Run it for 5 mins and you get a spiderweb nebula of some sort.

Experiment with fluid simulation and geometry with 3d primitives. 3d pixel goo!
Some background,after watching THIS I wondered about the way it was constructed. It probably had something to do with 3D Voxels, and using geometry as polygons. So to test my theory and extend the technique, I generated a 3d fluid sim in realflow and mapped the polygons to an array of cubes in cinema 4d. These are the results. With a consistent mesh like maybe a character like PAC MAN, the cubes would probably not flicker in and out so much.

Experiment with blob tracking and generating polygonal outlines. After being inspired by Chunky Move's Mortal Engine (LINK) I wondered if I could program something similiar in Processing. I had some problems making a consistently tight blob to track, but in any case, created another kind of look altogether. It's more sketchy and the behavior is kind of crazy, but it lends itself to a pencil drawn look in any case. More research to come soon. The source footage is from YesYesNoNo's Night Lights project from their google code repository. I didn't have any good footage to track from and my iSight was dead, and that footage was Creative Commons licensed. So thanks guys!