Persona is the first of a series of ongoing multimedia pieces exploring the concept of the digital self
created in collaboration with Jade Mai.

Music Video for My Demigod is a Cannibal, by the Psalms

Projection Mapped Xmas Tree for Mitzo Restaurant Grand Park Orchard.

"Freefalling" Music Video for the Midnight Juggernauts-animation and compositing

"Who's Watchin'" Music video for Jimmy Edgar

Some projection mapping done for Dion Lee, for New York Fashion Week 2013, in collaboration with Kit Webster.

OG SAN-KIDKANEVIL from brandon tay on Vimeo.

Music Video for Ellipse by Intriguant. Featured on The Fader

Kings of Sleep, a VR experience

HYBRID, a site-specific projection installation

A commission for Antidenim's 666 frames project. Expanded to an animation. Frame 0023.

Realtime visuals created in vvvv

Sample of an audiovisual set for Vandetta, for Syndicate Subsessions.

Sample from an upcoming audiovisual set for INTRIGUANT.

Sample for audio-reactive visual set in the works. Created with vvvv.

Promo For Dom Perignon David Lynch Launch at the Vault Singapore

Promo for Syndicate/Brainfeeder sessions at Home Club, Singapore July 2012

Visual accompaniment for Max Lane and Masterpiece for their Syndicate Subsessions performance for their track "Bury Me"

Visuals for Astreal for Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live

Visuals for Flying Lotus's visual set for Coachella. Commissioned by StrangeLoop.

Large Scale Projection Mapping on HDB Apartment Block - Commissioned by People's Association Singapore for Passion Arts

Product film for Android Homme x Limited Edt.

Visuals for Sixx for TweetJams-Social Media Week,Singapore.

Concert visuals for SKRILLEX 2012 US tour.

Installation for Asylum Store

Projection Mapped Content for FILA Flagship store Launch China- 8 full HD surfaces stitched and sequenced with a combination of Watchout and Pandora's Box Media Servers.

Teaser for Syndicate October 2011- using the classically bizaare safety film "One Got Fat" Insane augmented weirdness ensures.

An alpha version of a game/app/vj interface I'm designing in Unity3d that will ultimately be a render-free totally immersive, midi-activated enviroment for audio visual performance. Unity FTW!!!!

sample of a piece from the upcoming "MIM PROJECT" with Max Lane. The concept revolves around the arabic character "Mem" used as a signifier of ideological and cultural conflicts in a literal battlefield.

Commission for Tiger Translate by Kult3d Singapore. Ambient visual loop representing the various states of consciousness expressed as metaphor.

Promo For Syndicate June 2011, featuring D-Styles.

Promo for the BrainFeeder Sessions, Downtown Independent Cinema, Los Angeles, April 2011
Cut and crunched by Dr. Strangeloop, Animation and compositing by moi.

Promo for the Nihon Kizuna complilation for Spinscience and Xl2 recordings.

Promo for the Observatory/Syndicate gig on April 15th- featuring MohA! and Horacio Pollard.

Documentation of Our setup for Syndicate April 2011. For this Jonning Chng and I created a modular projection mapping surface to work in tandem with our conventional screen surfaces. The system can be deployed in various ways to create dynamic 3d shapes for us to videomap.

Projection Mapped Diorama Teaser for Syndicate April '11

Tenement- an experimental animation loop inspired by neighbours. Watch it in HD, fullscreen

Had a jam at home mapping a hand!

Guerilla Mapping for SBTG at Blackmarket Singapore

Music video for Kidkanevil-"One for Tokyo" Dildo Trainset!

Projection Mapped Graphics for Al and Alicia.

Teaser for Syndicate December, enviromental projection mapping + Motion Graphics.

Projection samples from my I AM DAVID SPARKLE show at the Esplanade Recital Studio.

Promo Teaser for Syndicate 11-Created in OpenFrameworks and After Effects. Real time video painting. No fakes.

Projection samples for SYNDICATE- every month, Home Club Singapore

Projection Mapped Trailer for Syndicate 10 with TokiMonsta, done with Rafi Dean

Projection Mapped viral promo for Syndicate 09. Created with Rafi Dean and Kiat Nah. Music by Free the Robots.

Invisible Room, a projection mapped installation for Redrum-an exhibition inspired by the Shining.
Sound Design by Kiat Nah and Cherry Chan

Projection Mapping for Sundown Festival 2010, Universal Studios Singapore.Done with Rafi Dean, Quincy Teofisto, and Flex Ming.

Higher resolution edit and documentation, very special thanks to :phunk for the invitation to collaborate.

projection mapping installation for :phunk studio's exhibition in Diesel Denim Gallery in Aoyama,Tokyo. HD Video coming soon! It was the first time many in the audience had seen complex projection mapping on an artwork. Projection size was 4m x3m, the artwork itself "Electricity" is a massive 8m x3m piece.

Projection sample from OPEN SPACE-Syndicate 6.5.

Projection sample for SYN06-OBEY NOBODY

Show packaging for MTV Asia VJ Hunt 2010

Syndicate 05 at Home Club

Voltage logo animation for Knightlife

Projection Mapped Installation for SYNDICATE at Home Club

Projection Mapping for Henessey Artistry KL, produced with Sebastien Jurkowski

Projections for Singaporean band the Observatory for their 2009 HEXAR Tour

Promo for the Observatory for their album Dark Folke

Teaser promo for Melbourne DJ/Producer Knightlife for Cutters Records

Projection Set for Knightlife on his set at House Singapore

Some Promos I did while working at Zouk.