3D Printed Sculpture with Embedded Media Display and LCD Display with Dynamic Video Loop,60 cm x 36 cm x 52 cm

Model E: Nomad Lexis
Our researchers theorize that this artifact, like the Rosetta Stone before it, serves as a key to deciphering the semiotics of the post-AI cultural meltdown that defined the era of Large Language Models. With its disruptive introduction in the 20's, culture at large moved from a linear paradigm, in which causal associations are linked through icon, signs, and indexes, to a more de-territorialized and ambiguous relationship of text and image. It became apparent, through the later years of the decade, that what was significant was not the fidelity of how AI saw the world, but how the fundamentally inhuman subjectivity of the models interpreted reality. It fell to those who engineered the prompts, who navigated the latent spaces, to channel this alien glossolalia, to bring back the vocabulary that would fundamentally change the way the human race spoke.
'Semiotics of the 21st Century- Post LLM Linguistic Theory'

Between tokens, Langchain, embedding and recursion, how AI views language is fundamentally different from human cognition, not least in the way that that it interprets causality, starting with a series of randomized prompts fed into into Stable Diffusion, which are then linked together in a vertical scroll, the images on the screen of this Model invite us as humans to interpret meaning from the neural network's stream-of-consciousness hallucinations, drawing links where they might appear, and perhaps unlocking the key that will break us out from the anthromorphic view of Language and its possibilities.

Photography by Jonathan Tan