Form and Agency is my first solo exhibition that condenses my interests into a series of objects, digital artworks and collaborative frameworks. Taking the oft quoted William Gibson adage, that the "The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.", and applying techniques based on the hyperstitional theories of the CCRU, they manifest the human and inhuman agencies that are on the verge of being born.

Working with curator Rafi Abdullah, graphic designer Darius Ou , Exhibition Designer Amirul Nazree, and in conversation with media theorist and Bogna Konior, the nature of the project has changed since I began it, what once was an attempt to create a mind through neo-rationalist mathematical principles has revealed that it is impossible to simulate a mind without other minds to perceive it. The goal of my practice is to decentralize authorship into a kind of collective mythos, in which mutual concerns are connected to the construction of a collaborative wiki, which then results in new research, artworks, and partnerships across a range of both human and non-human participants.

Each of the works speculates a world, of which the formal aspect of a 3d sculpture both suggests and informs their history,

Model A: Adversaries
Model B: Orchid Mantis
Model C: Marrow Codex
Model D: Heikeji
Model E: Nomad Lexis
Language as Time’s Shadow: A Brief History of Synchrocognition
One or Several Agents: Machinic Animism 01

See the individual pages for more details, and contribute to the wiki to expand, revise, redact and contest the worlds that are yet to be.

Form and Agency is a living project that exists at, visit to read the curatorial essay by Rafi Abdullah, and the interview with Bogna Konior.

Presented by Yeo Workshop, and supported by the National Arts Council Singapore.
Photography by Jonathan Tan

PRESS: Exhibition review by XUE

Coeval Magazine Interview by Dana Dawud