Commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum for Singapore Night Festival 2022, PALIMPSEST is a installation incorporating translucent LED panels that utilizes the technology to explores the traces in the cultural history of Armenian Street.

Documentation for an online digital experience commissioned by the Singapore Festival of the Arts 2022, in collaboration with electronic musician Anise. An exploration of 5 worlds inspired by themes of relationality and animism accompanying her 5 track EP.

The Land Above is an immersive dome projection commissioned by Singapore Night Festival for the their 2019 edition. Exploring symbols of the Nusantara. it envisions these motifs as both a portrait of the heavens and a mandala of the South East Asian cultural psyche.

"In Search of the Bukit Timah Monkey Man" a very short film commision with NADA exploring cryptids and their social function. Commissioned by the Goethe Institut Singapore